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40 Days of Prayer - Get Ready to Grow!

Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

Tapestry’s focus last year was reaching beyond ourselves with the good news of the Gospel. As we continue to do just that, our theme for 2018 is growing closer to God and to one another. As we grow in godliness and intentionally foster healthy relationships, our witness to a watching world...

Reflecting on a Tragedy

Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

Sunday night's massacre in Las Vegas is yet another reminder of the depravity of man and the brevity of life. It's almost as if we've become accustomed to these events now. We grieve as a nation, the news is saturated with the event for 72 hours and then life goes on. But as believers, what do...


Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

Most of us are familiar with the big guys and gals in the Bible, but there are countless obscure characters that God has strategically placed on the pages of scripture. Some are mentioned only once, others found in a few sentences or a short story. But, just as God has a purpose for each of us...

Show Me Your Glory

Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

Grab a squirt gun, it is officially summertime! School is out, vacations have begun and VBS is right around the corner. Every year since I can remember Kim (my better half) prays on our way to family vacation that God would show her His glory wherever we are. And He never disappoints! From...

Keep Up The Good Work!

Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

Kim and I just returned from Italy where we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. After 30 years with me, I’d say she earned it! It was the trip of a lifetime for us, a trip we’ve been planning for years with great anticipation. I must say we were not disappointed! It was...

Add Something!

Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

As I write this, I’m reflecting on the rich tradition of Lent and the 40 days of preparation that many streams of Christianity emphasize before Easter. Ash Wednesday launches the Lenten season as the focus turns to Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the wilderness. In remembrance of...


Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

Big weekend folks! Our own  Atlanta Falcons square off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. I'm not saying God is partial here, but given the fact that we're studying Jonah, I can't help but think He is pulling our way.... “RISE UP, go to Nineveh, that great city, and...

Faithful for Four

Posted by Pastor Phil Rikard on

Welcome to 2017! A New Year is upon us with all it's promise and possibility. This Sunday I'll be sharing a message with you entitled, The State of the Church. We'll take a look back at all that God did in and through Tapestry in 2016 and set our sites on what He has in store for us in the New...