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Welcome to 2020!

by Pastor Phil Rikard on January 09, 2020

Welcome to 2020 church! I hope your new year is off to a good start. I’ve been meeting with Tapestry’s staff and ministry teams this week planning for the future. Coming out of those meetings, I must say, I am as excited as ever to be part of what God is doing in and through Tapestry. I hope you too have a fresh sense of God’s presence and purpose in your life as you step into this new year. Last Sunday I started a new sermon series entitled REDO: Looking at Your Past to Improve Your Future. We’ll be focusing on four big guys in the Bible and how God redeemed their past and restored their relationship with Him. I hope you’ll invite a friend, family member or co-worker and join us this Sunday. We all need a REDO on parts of our past and thankfully God specializes in just that!

Oh yea, I’ll also be revealing the final Year-End Giving and IMAGINE CAMPAIGN totals.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Phil