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by Pastor Phil Rikard on April 01, 2019

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the grand miracle in all of history. It validates every claim Jesus made and demonstrates the depth of God’s love for us. In the resurrection sin is forgiven, death is defeated and life is available for every human being created in the image of God. There is no greater love! There is no better news! A recent survey by Lifeway research revealed that 41% of Americans plan to attend a church service on Easter to hear and to celebrate that good news, while 39% do not plan to darken the door. But 20% were undecided at the time of the survey. That’s a lot of people just waiting for an invitation! Make the ask this Easter; invite a friend, a neighbor, a family member to join you for worship at Tapestry. It will be an amazing service celebrating an amazing love!

"There is no greater love than this…”
John 15:13