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by Pastor Phil Rikard on February 05, 2021

This weekend Tom Brady will appear in his ninth Super Bowl, competing for his seventh win in the biggest of all games. His stats are legendary and have separated him significantly from the rest of the pack. So much so, he has earned the moniker, The GOAT (The Greatest of All Time). When it comes to football and athletics in general, Tom Brady soars above the crowd. Is he the greatest of all time? Well, that’s up for debate, but there is no doubt he’s one of the best.

On Sunday, February 14 at Tapestry we turn our attention to the ONE who is unquestionably greater than all the rest. Join us in person or via live stream for our new series, GREATER THAN, as we walk through the book of Colossians, comparing Jesus to all that competes for first place in our lives.

Personally, I’m a Gronk fan.
Enjoy the Super Bowl,

Pastor Phil