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Relief is in Sight!

by Pastor Phil Rikard on October 02, 2019

After a record setting run of 90 degree temps in September it looks like fall will finally arrive this weekend; a welcome shift in the pattern!


It’s my prayer that October will also bring a shift in our giving pattern as a church. The usual summer slump has left us 15% behind our target for giving year to date. This is not uncommon but to reach our goals for the IMAGINE Campaign we’ll need to pick up the pace as we approach year end.

As a reminder...
Your giving enables Tapestry to reach further and invest deeper. As a church we set two God-sized goals with the IMAGINE Campaign: ✅#1 Fund & Find a new full-time staff position (Director of Next Generation Ministries), #2 Eliminate the Mortgage. With the arrival of Jacob Wilson, our first goal has been reached and built into the annual budget. Our sights are now set on retiring the mortgage in the next two years. I’m confident that the Lord will move this mountain through us. Every dollar over and above the annual budget goes toward mortgage reduction.

Let me encourage and challenge you to finish well this year in giving. Just IMAGINE our next generation growing ✅ and our mortgage going!