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It Came To Pass...

by Pastor Phil Rikard on March 27, 2020

 Translated differently in most modern versions of the Bible, the phrase “it came to pass” is found 457 times in the original King James translation. Those words, woven throughout the scripture, are a fresh reminder that everything we encounter this side of heaven “comes to pass”, including the current COVID 19 Global Pandemic. What we are experiencing today is unprecedented for us but did not take our God by surprise, nor did the 8 pandemics and 2 epidemics the world has seen in just the last 120 years (perspective). These might be uncharted waters for us, but God has already sailed these seas. He knows and sees the end from the beginning and has promised never to leave or forsake His people. He is sovereign, He is in control, He is our perfect Father. Will we be impacted? Yes. Will some of us contract the virus? Likely. Will we go through this alone? Absolutely not! As Gary led us in worship Sunday, remember these words…

I will not fear, His promise is true
My God will come through always, always

This too has “come to pass”. Lean into the Lord in these uncertain days, use this time to grow, not slow your walk with Him. The Tapestry team has pivoted to focus on bringing virtual content your way via video and the live streaming of our worship service on Sunday. Our small groups are meeting via Zoom conference technology, while prayer and care needs are coming to us via tapestryonline.org and the mobile app.

I want to recognize and thank the core team that has been working tirelessly to bring our worship services into your homes via live stream. Scott Sibley, Dave Ramsey, Gary McLoughlin, Jacob Wilson and Teresa Oakley have compressed a month’s worth of work and research into just a few days to expedite this process. Give those folks a shout out if you get a chance!

We will continue to encourage and inform you weekly with our Wednesday, Tapestry Touch video message and our Sunday morning Tapestry To You streaming worship service. Let me encourage you to join us again this Sunday on Facebook Watch Party so we can gather virtually and interact as a church family. Given the bandwidth logjam during the 11AM hour with so many churches streaming video at the same time, we will be moving the start time for our service to 9:30AM this Sunday morning to, hopefully, avoid the glitches we experienced last week.

God loves you, He’ll never leave you, we miss you and cannot wait to see you all again in person!

It came to pass,
Pastor Phil